New Fibre Clinix

Introducing Fibre Clinix – the most powerful repair treatment ever created at Schwarzkopf Professional @SMZHAIR

It’s time to experience Schwarzkopf Professional’s most powerful repair performance ever! The Triple Bonding and C21 Technology within BC Fibre Clinix, combined with a new range of ultra-concentrated Boosters, allows hairdressers to create bespoke, hyper-customised salon services for their clients.

The new haircare revolution fundamentally transforms the hair fibre back to its perfect healthy virgin properties, providing 10x stronger hair*, complete sealing of hair porosity and 60 days of inner and outer hair restoration.

Developed with unique skincare-inspired technologies, each BC Fibre Clinix Booster targets different hair needs to fully tailor the Tribond Treatment to you. The bespoke, hyper-customised haircare service starts from your in-salon consultation, and is maintained at home, ensuring incredible lasting hair quality.

We have five treatments on offer in the range!

We have five treatments on offer in the range!

Pick your Potion! 

The repairing treatments are tailored for your specific hair concerns.

Rescue Booster for damaged hair

Moisture Booster for normal to dry hair

Colour Booster for coloured hair

Collagen Volume Booster for fine hair

Keratin Smooth Booster for coarse and/or unmanageable hair

Each treatment costs just $30 on top of your Cut & Blow-dry / Blow dry and is a must have with anyone suffering from damaged hair. 


CLEANSE BC Fibre Clinix Tribond Shampoo offers gentle, yet effective cleansing for all hair types and prepares the hair structure for a personalised BC Fibre Clinix Treatment.

TREAT A choice of two BC Fibre Clinix Treatments, for coarse or fine hair, that reconnect the inner hair structure for improved resilience and strength, whilst the outer hair structure is completely sealed for better manageability and shine.

BOOST BC Fibre Clinix Boosters, with concentrated skincare-inspired technologies, are mixed with the BC Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatment to create a unique and customised care solution that targets inner and outer hair damage.

PROLONG AT HOME Continue your personalised haircare and restore your inner and outer hair structure for up to 60 days by using a BC Bonacure at homecare range that matches the recommended BC Fibre Clinix Booster.

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