5 Secret Salon Tips On How To Keep Your Hair Hydrated

So In Summer we blame our dry hair on the sun , water and pools , and in winter we blame the cold weather , extra hot showers and Heaters .

The truth is your hair is dry because of YOU! Yep you are the reason your hair Is dry because , well your just not using the RIGHT products for your hair .

See what may work for your friend and make her hair shiny and soft may actually be bad for your hair ! What that Paid celebrity on instagram is using might (long shot here) be good for her hair is going to ruin yours.

But Why? I can hear your yelling , Its because we all have different hair , we all have different textures and different levels of colouring , I am a Bright Red Head , Mariam however has 80% Virgin hair so no I can’t use the same as her because my Bright red colour will fade 10x quicker and her shampoo is not designed for colour treated hair which means it has a High p.H Compared to The shampoo I need to use to keep my colour Locked in and vibrant.

Then we have Repair v’s Hydrating . So someone with platinum Blonde hair needs to use Both , However someone with Broken platiumun hair needs to use mainly Repairing hair care to keep her hair strong and then finish with a Moisturising product to soften her hair.

I say this over and over , Repairing Shampoos, Conditioners , Treatments & Leave in Masques CAN BREAK YOUR HAIR. They are designed to make your hair strong, So what happens when the hair is too strong and stiff? It breaks , snaps , splits and flys away.

So as usual and like everything in life BALANCE IS KEY!

If your ever not sure just Call me in the salon , Message me on Facebook , Instagram , Email me , heck you can even reply to this blog and I will respond ( trust me I will ) Because hair care is important to me .

Here are my Top 5 Professional Hairstylist Tips for Hydrated Healthy Hair

What you can do:

1        Use a thermal protective formula before applying heat.  These products provide a barrier between the hair strand and the heat of dryers and irons, which can help protect dry hair from thermal tools.

2        Consider using ionic thermal tools. The makers of these types of products explain that positive and negative ions exist in all substances, and when wet, hair is positively charged. Ionic hair dryers inject the hair with negative ions, allowing water molecules to penetrate deep into the hair. As a result, dry hair is rehydrated.

3        Dial down the heat.  Many good quality irons and dryers feature temperature settings. If your hair is dry, select a lower setting.  Consider this: water boils at 210 degrees, and some irons and dryers heat up to 450 degrees!  A lower heat setting will be much kinder to your dry hair!

4        Take a break from heat.  Experiment with hairstyles like braids, buns and chignons that don’t require heat styling and will give your dry hair a rest from moisture-hating thermal tools!

5. Use a quality Hair Care Range . Use a Hair care Range Prescribed for your hair .Google or Ask a hairstylist Before purchase. Its even better if you buy what your Hairdresser recommends you because they know whats best and want you to look after your hair . As I mentioned above , Balance is key and whats the point in spending $300+ on you hair colour at the salon and then washing with cheap shampoo ? Use a Hydrating Masque once a week , Sabrina recommends @SchwarzkopfProANZ #HyaluronicMoistureKick Treatment & a quality Leave in like Olaplex #6 Leave in and let your hair air dry occasionally – Your hair will thank you later .

The science of hair has changed heaps in the 20th Century and Professional Hair Care is always up to date with the latest technology , We are always way ahead of supermarket brands , Think Olaplex for expample. We now stock and use Olaplex Shampoo & Conditioner in the salon , we actually wash your hair with it after every colour , we are looking after your hair and colour before you leave , thats what you pay us for , we only hope you do the same because otherwise our hard work is going to waste .

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